Electro Project

A high-quality project is essential for the trouble-free operation of any more complex electrical equipment. This will ensure correctly located sources of electricity and outlets for lighting in the right places.

It is advantageous to plan the overall lighting of the interior together with the author of the project, because properly designed lighting has an underestimated effect on the overall quality of living. The first step of the project is the connection of the family house to the electricity meter switchboard. The project also includes the design and implementation of all internal electrical wiring, lightning protection and grounding.

Basic technical data of distribution systems, energy balance of individual operations, expected annual consumption of electricity, solutions for alternative sources, description of the lighting system, socket distribution systems, technological distribution systems, distribution systems for low-current systems, the method of laying cable lines and the method and design of grounding and lightning conductors are part of the project.

The exact specification of individual elements is necessary, just like with other projects. As a rule, it is a table with individual elements used in electrical installations, including their quantity. The amount of cables is defined by common meters. Here we will read about the number of sockets, lights, cables, individual parts of the lightning rod, switchboards, etc.


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